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30% lighter than cotton 

Banana Fabric 

Banana is one of the most common fruit in the world, loved by everyone and has high nutrition value. Banana is produced in many countries and generates lot of agriculture residue in the form of banana plant stem. The ratio of banana plant residue and product is 2:1. The Pseduostem  biomass is either left on the ground or taken to open dumps and in some cases burnt. It is been estimated that 75% of the banana residue  is not processed. This is creating huge problem of increasing burden to the landfills and adding the pollution. To caters this problem we are extracting Banana fiber from the pseduostem by simple process which does not require much resources thus has very low carbon footprint. 

The Fibre is extracted  from pseudostem of banana plant. This pseudostem  is of no use after the banana fruit is harvested. The fabric produced from this fibre has unique qualities and can be used to manufacture various textile based products. 

The properties of banana fabric is mentioned below.

Comfortable and not likely to trigger allergies 

Lets you breathe and keeps you cool on hot days 

Made out of waste, completely biodegradable 

Shoe fabric

Tee shirt


Premium Quality Bedsheets



Custom Carpet Design

Carpets, Rugs & Mats

Watch bracelet fabric

Spa Time

Robes & Slippers

Banana Fiber masks

Anti viral and anti bacterial mask

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