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Disposable Dishware

We have a complete range of biodegradable and compostable Dishware made out of agri residue. These dishwares are made out of banana, sugarcane and areca agri residues. these products easily break down and decompose, helps reduce landfill waste. Minimizing waste build-up as much as possible helps sustain the environment for future generations.


These dishware don't need to be recycled.

Explore our range of products:

Areca Nut Plates & Bagasse Plates

Plates made of agri residue not plastic

 100% Natural 

100% Safe 

Biodegradable & compostable

No burden to landfills  

Best Quality

Can be reused 


Disposable diwshware - Bagasse


Bagasse paper cup & Acrea plates and spoon


Areca plates range, Bagasse glasses and banana paper food box


Areca plates of different sizes.

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