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About Us

We at Green whisper are working towards creating a greener world, without making much noise on it because our products speak for itself. The essence of Green Whisper is to create sustainable products with zero impact on the environment. We utilize the residue of agriculture and create products of daily use, giving our customers and clients opportunity to contribute their bit in protecting the environment.


The world is producing 1 Billion ton of agro residue per year, there is rising need to cater these residues. We at green whisper are committed to reuse the agro residue and create premium quality daily use products which are sustainable by all means.


Recycling the agro residue serves three purposes. First, the farmer gets rid of the agriculture residue and even gets paid for, secondly, the agricultural residue no longer needs to be dumped which causes the burden to the landfills, or burnt creating pollution. Finally, the user gets a product whose raw material has zero impact on the environment.


At present, we deal in agriculture residue from banana, sugarcane, and areca and very soon from maize, wheat, and rice.


Recycling is good but not sufficient. Looking at the very low percentage of paper and plastic being recycled, we realize that we might have to produce things differently or from sources that don’t need a recycling altogether.


Our Philosphy

Our philosophy is based on the Sanskrit word “Djiva” means one who is born twice.  We want to give a second life to the agriculture residue with the final aim to make this world a better place to live. 


We believe it is our responsibility to devise new ways of doing business and where we join hands with other corporates and stakeholders to create greener planet.




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